Thelma is an artist, crafter and teacher at ElevArte Community Studio where she is also the Communications/Development Coordinator. A self-proclaimed Juana of all Trades, Thelma is enthusiastic about all things handmade and loves teaching at-promise youth to make their own accessories. Other blissful obsessions include baking pies, thrift store shopping and her dog Tula.

What do you wake up thinking about?

I usually wake up thinking about the weird dreams I had during the night, how I wish I could sleep in a little longer or all the things that need to be accomplished today.

What's your morning ritual?

During the week I am hustling to get out the door. Normally I wake up, walk the dog, get ready, make some coffee and run out. On the weekends I like to slow down. This usually includes making breakfast, drinking coffee out of a mug (instead of a travel mug) and enjoying some quiet time on the couch with my dog.


How does social media play into your daily life?

I use social media quite a bit for work and in my personal life to promote projects or to connect with community folks.The artist in me likes to snap pics and social media allows for an autobiographical approach to photo-sharing.

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

I think we're a little bit of both. Connected because social media facilitates introductions in a new and easier way. Disconnected because I feel that we're so obsessed with sharing that we often forget about simple things such as manners or we miss an opportunity to truly share a special moment with someone. My fiancé reminds me to put the phone down, disconnect from my computer and take it all in. I appreciate that.


What is most important to you in life?

My family, my friends, my dog and being an advocate for youth and the arts. As an artist it would be to never lose my sense of curiosity and to constantly create.

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