Sarah and Dave have been together before either of them could drive a car. If it wasn’t for Sarah, Dave would be eating hot pockets and pizza rolls every night. After relocating from Southern New Hampshire to Chicago, Sarah worked as a personal chef while Dave was busy starting his company, Roniin. It was only a matter of time before they merged their individual talents. With Sarah’s skills in the kitchen and Dave’s knowledge of technology, they created Chefmade. Chefmade’s mission is to make eating nutritious chef-crafted meals as easy as opening your fridge.  

What do you wake up thinking about?

Dave: Work. It's always on the mind.

Sarah: I wake up wondering why I am awake at 5am again and if I should get up and start on the to-do list, or try to go back to sleep. Also, coffee.

What's your morning ritual?

Dave: I usually roll over and check my email immediately; a habit I could probably do without. If It's the weekend, Sarah and I get up around 5:30AM, get dressed, and immediately head into the kitchen. During the weekdays we usually get up, pour ourselves some cold-brew coffee, and work for a couple of hours from our own kitchen island.

Sarah: I am generally at my best in the mornings, so I like to take advantage of my energy and focus while it lasts. I will generally make myself an iced coffee and then head to the kitchen to start my work day. I’m not much for a slow start.

How does social media play into your daily life?

Dave: I check Facebook and Snapchat every 30 minutes. Instagram, Twitter, and various others several times a day. It's an addiction. For our brand, it plays a huge role, for me personally it's a great way to let people know what I'm eating. They never ask but I know they are curious.

Sarah: Most of my days are spent in the kitchen where it is a bit easier not to give into the distraction of constantly scrolling through Facebook/instagram. That being said, I still use multiple social media sites on a daily basis, and love having the ability to see beautiful pictures or connect with my friends whenever I have a break or need inspiration. 

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

Dave: We are far more connected from a distance, but far less connected in a meaningful way. It's easy to see what my family and friends are up to online, but It's rare that I call and actually ask.

Sarah: More connected. It is a different type of connection than we have had throughout history, but I have daily interactions with distant family members and past classmates who I would never had if not for social media. 

What is most important to you in life?

Dave: I saw a quote by Taylor Swift recently where she said "I’m intimidated by the fear of being average." I want to make something out of my life. If life was a mountain, I'm in it for the climb. Once and a while It's amazing to take a deep breath, turn around, and enjoy the view. The majority of people find complacency in what they see, so they set up camp and stay for the rest of their lives. I just think the view is better the higher you climb. The mountain is high, and our lives are short, so never stop climbing. I guess what I'm trying to say is that the most important thing in my life is a good analogy. Yes, I value analogies.

Sarah: My husband, my friends and traveling. All three together preferably.

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