Megan is somewhat of an anomaly. She has an inability to feel anger, which is something she rarely talked about her whole life, but now is embracing her quirky side. Originally Megan went to school for fashion merchandising and in that time fell in love with Photoshop and Illustrator. Given how cutthroat the fashion industry is, Megan realized it wasn’t in her to have that type of lifestyle and thus began a career in graphic design. Megan is no stranger to change as she has lived in Kansas City, Chicago, New York City and now is about to relocate to Minneapolis where she hopes to add to a stellar design community.

What do you wake up thinking about?

I'm not going to lie and give some sort of philosophical answer here. I usually wake up, feeling rested, because I don't ever use an alarm. I turn and grab my phone to look at what's going on with the world. This includes news, social media, email. I know it's not the best practice to look at my phone as soon as I wake up and it's something I'd like to stop doing. If I wake up with my cats cuddling with me, I usually hug them for a bit and drift in and out of sleep before I go straight to my phone. In a way, I think they're saving me from my bad habits.

What's your morning ritual?

Well, you know ol' Meg loves change! Because of this, I find it horribly unappealing to do the same thing every morning. With that being said, I feel myself out every morning and decide what I want to do that day. Some mornings I rush to get dressed and go off to work. Other mornings I take it easy and spend time at home for a few hours. My favorite mornings are when my schedule aligns with my husband's and we can just chill out, make breakfast and relax before going to work.

How does social media play into your daily life?

Social media is everything to me, it's like a close relative who is there for me in times of trouble and frustrates me during political seasons. Every ounce of my work success has come from connections made on social media. I have social media to thank for many of my best friendships. It keeps me feeling close to my family when I live so far away. But most importantly, it keeps me company while I'm on the toilet.

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

I think it's different for everyone. I feel more connected because I'm very open about myself on social media & open to cultivating new in person friendships with my online friends.

What is most important to you in life?

All I've ever wanted my entire life has been to make people smile. If I can make the lives of everyone around me completely awesome, I've lived a perfect life. I just want to brighten up the world a tiny bit.

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