Jesse is a dish washer at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, a position he has proudly held for 21 years. When he was brought into this world, he was born with a rare case of cerebral palsy. When asked about it, Jesse replied, “I never fully considered myself to have cerebral palsy. Whenever I read that I was diagnosed with it, I was like, whatever. What I had of it diminished with age.” Jesse prefers to live life at the fullest. He's a passionate bowler, traveler and if you catch him on his "Friday," you'll find him howling at the moon at his favorite karaoke spot, The Blue Frog.

What do you wake up thinking about?

I wake up thinking about how it's one day closer to my "Friday."

What's your morning ritual?

My morning ritual is basically just crawling out of bed and hopping in the shower, then quickly getting dressed before my cab picks me up and takes me to the nearest red line station.

How does social media play into your daily life?

Social media is a big part of my life. I don't like to admit it. I use it to keep in touch with many of my friends.

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

I would say a bit of both. With all the technology we have today like cell phones, texting, Facebook and Skype, it's very easy to stay connected to people whether they are just down the street or half way around the world.

What is most important to you in life?

The most important thing to me in life are my family and friends. They are what make me feel whole.