Eve & Jess are committed to telling stories through the lens of the feminine. Eve, born in New York City and Jess, born in Miami, met when they attended theatre school at Depaul University. They immediately connected with their love of the arts and had similar ideas and goals. After graduation they quickly grew frustrated with the climate for actresses in the business. They decided to take back some creative power and from that, The Good Night Ladies was born. Good Night Ladies is an interdisciplinary arts collective committed to making and facilitating work with a feminine focus. With this approach, Eve & Jess can bring a greater sense of balance to our world.

What do you wake up thinking about?

Eve: What I dreamt about and then actively trying to resist looking at my phone.

Jess: I have very vivid dreams, and often times when I wake I like to hold them in my mind and body to parse out the major imagery.  There is a deep well for the imaginative forces in that, very old, and I hold it dear.

What's your morning ritual?

Eve: On an ideal day I wake up, make some coffee and sit and write. I try to write at least three pages, about anything and everything. I like to find a place that's sunny, which usually means I'm curled up on the floor somewhere. Something about the combination of sunshine, caffeine and mind vomiting on to a page that opens me up and gives me tons of energy for the rest of the day. Then if I'm feeling up to it I'll do something physical. As dorky as it sounds I'm really into home workout videos, its cheaper than a gym membership and you don't be have to get dressed.

Jess: I take a deep inhale of lavender oil and sit in 'do-nothing' for about 5 minutes. Then I make coffee, put on music that suits my mood, and write.

How does social media play into your daily life?


Eve: I would say it's most important from a business prospective. If The Good Night Ladies has a show coming up, I'm posting an interview or some kind of content for that. Then because I'm in the entertainment business there’s the aspect of posting about myself, behind the scenes at a photo shoot or on set of a film.

 I also like to use it to share things I find beautiful. As much as I spend too much time on Instagram, I do think it has been a helpful tool in helping me shape the kind of images I like making. That said, I am very prone to falling into a hole of hashtags and wasting tons of time I could have been looking at the world around me. I've considered getting rid of Facebook and Instagram, when I'm on trips, I take every opportunity to just leave my phone behind. The freedom and inspiration you can find from what’s directly in front of you is really one of the best feelings. But for now I'm just trying to be more mindful of the time I spend on social media.

Jess: I use social media mostly for marketing my art. If I was not an artist I don't think I would use it at all.  I see the good in it, certainly, but I find it often leaves me anxious and angry, and I will carry that weight around with me all day if I'm not careful.

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

Eve: Both! I think the internet, like all things in life, is both light and dark, good and bad. It allows us to have a more global consciousness, but it put us out of touch with the things right in front of us. The tangible things like the beauty of a sunset or an interaction with a stranger on the bus. I strive to find as much tangible connection in my community and friends, in conversations with the people that are around me, rather than a status update online.

Jess: I think we are more connected and also disconnected. The flow of information is vast, coming from a wider variety of voices than ever before, bringing about this globalization forming from the internet. It fills me with hope! It is speeding us to a greater understand of humanity and our responsibility as one species to our earth. But I do notice the suck of technology in myself, and when I am in a room of fascinating and intelligent beings that are staring down into their phones instead of truly existing in a present way with each other and the world.  There must be a way to strike a balance there. Inherent in all things is the potential for good or bad. Hopefully our consciousness is evolving as quickly as our technology.

What is most important to you in life?

Eve: Art and its capacity to change the world. Art, creating it, watching it, reading it, talking about it, eating it, knowing that it has the ability to digest what our times are and share that back into the world to help others understand and find a deeper part of themselves and the world. My belief in this drives everything, it is my constant beacon guiding me through the sea of life. 

Love, in all its forms.

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