Eva has a knack for marketing. She has worked for some of Chicago’s finest organizations such as the Department of Cultural Affairs, the National Museum of Mexican Art, Time Out Chicago and then The Chicago Community Trust. There has been a common theme throughout every place Eva has worked and that has been the privilege to meet and interact with many different people and to get to hear their stories and journeys. It's those moments that truly keep Eva humble. “When you work at a foundation, you are a steward. Others need me to be an advocate and help share their story.”

What do you wake up thinking about?

Gratitude for Another day...What will I do? Who will I see? What will I eat? What do I need to get done and clear off my list?

What's your morning ritual?

I'm an early riser, I usually check in with friends at that time and get a workout in.  I look at all the headlines on Social Media and emails on my phone. I still subscribe to the paper and love the feel of reading the actual paper. I eat breakfast & have tea everyday. I take the same bus M-F so I see the usual bus driver and chat with a number of the regulars on the route. We end up catching up and having intimate conversations. I have never hung out with these neighbors outside the bus and know so much about their lives, work, struggles and viewpoints on reading the horoscope.

How does social media play into your daily life?

Sadly, I'm addicted. I manage social media at my job so I'm constantly checking it for work & for elevating the work of nonprofits or individuals in my network. When someone is looking for a job, traveling to a new city, looking for a place to live, they reach out to me to share with my networks and find them their answers. You wouldn't think it, but I do more listening than posting and refer back to other people’s posts when it’s relevant.

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

We are connected virtually, but truly we are more disconnected. On the bus, everyone has their heads down looking at their phones. I spend a lot of time chatting with the regulars on my bus, and am grateful for our conversations. I try to check in with friends and spend time with them in person as much as possible.

What is most important to you in life?

Health, family and friends. I value people and am curious to learn about their journeys in life. Listening is compassion and by listening we might actually learn a few things that will help us on our own journeys.