Dav is an illustrator who thinks there’s just too much stuff out there about men. In effort to put more focus on women, he created an illustration series called Lady Puns. While out one evening with his friends, they began to discuss a super hero team comprised of awesome women throughout history. Dav was eager to illustrate women that many people might not know a lot about. “Aphra Behn, Valentina Tereshkova, and Eudora Welty are all great examples of hugely influential women that aren't as celebrated as their male counterparts.” Dav needs to communicate and has found the right channel through his colorful illustrations.

What do you wake up thinking about?

God help me- have I watched porn the night before?  If not, then I'm probably thinking about the street sounds that woke me up.  But if I have watched porn, then I'm trying to remember it. I do that on purpose: not to be aroused again but to think about it as something someone made to be seen.   

What's your morning ritual?

Ugh... I used to be so better at this but I think I've just gotten lazy.  I USED to be get up, grab a notebook, go outside, write/draw, come back, eat something, brush teeth, bathing optional, get into decent clothes, start the day.  That's what you saw when you came over to take photos.  

But NOW it's wake up, reach for the iPad, check the notifications, close the iPad, stare at the ceiling, feel unbelievable disgust for both myself and the world at large, roll out, scratch myself, and consider myself lucky if I actually do some push ups.  Oh, then I eat something.

How does social media play into your daily life?

Hmm- so, I'm outrageously proud of my dumb phone and the lifestyle it promotes: vague accountability, slow texting, empty white boxes where emoji should be, tiny keyboard, everyone else's pity. When I have access to social media- whether through my laptop or computer- I find myself checking it constantly and am glad for the remove my phone allows me.

But it's also probably the last year of my life I can afford to be so disconnected- I could respond to business e-mails faster, maintain a stronger online presence, you know- 21st century stuff.  I work with images and I gotta start focusing on not only making them but now showing them. It's just time!  


Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

I'm not sure. I went out with some friends to the lake the other week to watch the eclipse- it was overcast, but the minute the clouds cleared everyone on the shore was on their phones snapping pics.  On the one hand, we're all outside together watching this really cool celestial event, but on the other everyone's got their minds (and thumbs) elsewhere.

But then, someone like a mile down the sand started howling and this big chain of group howls wound its way up the water- you could hear everyone all at once- we were howling, they were howling, you were howling, all of us together.  Leave it to the blood moon to get everyone at the same time off their phones. 

What is most important to you in life?

Taking care. That can apply to the world. I used to be really scared of being forgotten (child of divorce over here) so I would up my presence in the world to try and leave a mark. That's how my personality grew, my outlook and attitude toward the universe.

I'd still like to be remembered, but now my tactics have changed considerably. Somewhere down the line I realized that the best way to leave an impression is to help out or provide care. I like being a rock- I can lean on myself and then be there for others if they need it. I have my ups and downs just like anyone else, but I consider myself pretty even-keeled and want to use that power for good, not evil. So I help out if I can. 

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