Clara wants to tip the scale towards her dreams everyday and she is doing just that. After studying Speech Communication at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Clara worked as a production coordinator for an advertising agency in Chicago. Clara will be the first to admit that she’s not a snazzy dresser. However, one day she decided to dress up and throw on some heels. Her co-worker at the time was signed to a modeling/acting agency and he encouraged Clara to try modeling. Clara was signed on her first meeting and thus began her modeling/acting career.

After spending a few years in Chicago crafting her newly found career, Clara relocated to New York City to pursue acting further. Since moving to NYC, Clara has appeared in numerous commercials and T.V. shows. Clara always has a positive mind towards getting by in the big city. “You have to figure out how to balance your dreams against your reality sometimes, but it's part of the journey.”

What do you wake up thinking about?

I wake up wondering what time it is and if I'm late for anything. Then, I tell myself I need to feed the cats. Somewhere in there will be a fleeting thought of hoping for a call today from my agents for auditions and castings.

What's your morning ritual?

I lay in bed and check my email and social media accounts. I like to delete all of the promotional emails that I receive first thing in the morning and start off my day with a relatively calm inbox. I scroll through social media as I'm waking up; it sort of eases me into the day. Sometimes one of my cats will come and sit on my chest, which gives me an excuse to stay in bed longer. When I finally get up, I'll drink some water. Then, I have breakfast of some sort. Depending on the day, it's yogurt, eggs, toast, or cereal. Then, most days, I do some dishes I've left soaking in the sink from the night before.

How does social media play into your daily life?

Regrettably, it plays a more time-consuming part of my life than I'd like. I try to limit myself to checking it once in the morning and once in the evening, unless I have something happening that day that I'd really like to share with people. I usually fail at this. I think social media started as a way to keep in touch with friends and has since turned into an business implement. I fight against it though. I still try to keep my social media posts about things I like sharing with friends...which is mostly my cats. I'll also use it to let people know if I am in any upcoming TV shows/movies/plays.

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

Tricky question. I think access to other people is easier, faster, and more immediate than it was before, and in that way, we're more connected. It's so easy to Google someone, or find them on social media, but everything you see on social media is likely something they chose to reveal; it's an edited story. So, is that a real connection? A present, soul-baring connection with them, though, is much harder to come by, I find. Many of us are frequently tethered to our devices, which makes true connection a struggle. You're constantly competing with a "Bing!" or a screen that's lighting up.

What is most important to you in life?

People. My relationships with my friends and family mean a great deal to me. I try to nurture and protect them as best I can. Working through things that I am bad at is another constant goal. This can be functional skills or attributes to my character that I think need work. And my cats. I really love my cats.

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