Clara is a freelance artist who is about to embark on a one year intensive program on jewelry design where she will learn traditional gold and silver smithing techniques in Florence, Italy. Traveling great lengths for her craft is nothing new to Clara. Last year she traveled to Brazil where she mined for the precious stones she uses in her jewelry.

What do you wake up thinking about?

I usually take a moment to think about what my dreams were that night and whether I am supposed to act on any of them. Sometimes they make no sense at all but, more often than not, they are related to something going on in my life at the moment, even if it is just an emotion. Often I dream of solutions to problems; once, I even dreamt of exactly what to wear to an interview that very day--down to the shoes and accessories!

What's your morning ritual?


I don't really have a steady morning ritual because my schedule changes too often. My ideal for when I am working my own hours is to put on hot water and make some tea and then to get cozy with my planner and laptop until I am so hungry that I need to make breakfast. I'll water the plants as needed and then make an enormous breakfast with a minimum of an omelette, skillet, or poached eggs with avocado toast.

How does social media play into your daily life?

I use it as a tool both to keep track of my friends around the world and also to connect with current and future clients. I have a separate, private social media that I set up with my family and that is my favorite one to check- it is usually full of antics from my six young nieces and nephews. 

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

I think we are more connected than before but on a more disconnected level which I swear makes sense! We have the ability to reach people much faster with technology but because there is social media, you choose to take what they post or don't post at face-value life-truth. The challenge is getting off facebook and other social media and actually hitting the 'call' button on their name. I am attempting to call more friends and it tends to take a lot of people off-guard at seeing an actual call come through their phones.

What is most important to you in life?

Always the life/work balance. I am constantly battling myself to make sure I enjoy and appreciate the wonderful people I am lucky enough to call friends and family and also working hard to end up somewhere that I can be proud of myself and pay the bills. My ultimate dream is figuring out how to meld all my varied abilities and adventures into something cohesive that I am happy with. I try to work very hard at this every day.

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