Antonio has a BFA in advertising design from a school that doesn’t exist anymore.  After graduating from Atlanta College of Art (now SCAD), Antonio’s professional life has been about visual design and design strategy. He has worked for some of the finest creative firms in Chicago ( Firebelly, gravitytank) and now is Portfolio Lead at Northern Lab.

When Antonio found out he and his wife were expecting, a thought popped into his head that he might not have time anymore to run his marathons or work on his personal creative projects. It was almost as if having a baby would take all that away. In fact, the opposite happened. Antonio found out that although his breaks in between being a husband and father are short, he uses that free time wisely and has even more focus when he does have time to work on his personal projects. According to Antonio, it’s all about being patient. 

What do you wake up thinking about?

My son and my wife. What I'm going to cook them for breakfast. Decisions I have to make or actions I have to take on my projects that day. Whether or not I'm going to run after work. The random stuff I didn't finish the night before...

What's your morning ritual?

Wake up at 6am. Grab my phone: check the weather, breaking news, clear my notifications. Take my vitamins. Cook breakfast for my wife and myself. Fix a bulletproof coffee or protein shake. Shave. Jump in the shower. Get dressed. Help pack up my son. Walk him to daycare. Pick up where I left off on my audio book. Then I jump on the Brown Line and head into the Financial District.


How does social media play into your daily life?

I don't really dig into social media until I'm settled on the train (up until then the morning is too regimented to get sidetracked!). But on the commute I typically take a spin through Instagram and Pinterest for inspiration, follow up on DMs from Slack, LinkedIn and Twitter and wish some people 'Happy Birthday' on Facebook. Throughout the day I don't really use any social media except Twitter and that's more passive consumption than contributory.

Are we more connected or disconnected than before?

We see more. But we feel and understand less. Exposure to new things, imagery, sounds, thinking is constantly and instantly accessible. And views into people's lives and work and opinions and creative pursuits are effortless and completely free. But with all that "instant-on" connection I don't feel a human bond when I inertia-scroll through those endless timelines and feeds. The emotions I get from social media are all fleeting: seconds-long bursts of wonder, sadness, excitement, envy, empathy, anger, joy and inspiration—one after another, canceling each other out and making me scroll faster and deeper in search of more meaning and potency.

What is most important to you in life?

Living to my full human potential and helping others achieve the same.

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